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Ingrid Adeogun, RDH
CEO & Co-Founder


Wade Adeogun
Operating Officer & Co-Founder

Ingrid Adeogun has been in the dental industry for over 10 years in Portland, Oregon. She has increasingly seen a demand for effective, environmentally friendly dental products. PANGA came about as she witnessed the vast amounts of single use plastic waste in dental offices. Ingrid teaches her patients on a daily basis how their mouth is a window into their overall health and how small steps in our every day routine can create big change for our planet. 

Wade Adeogun has worked as an accountant for the last 15 years. He is currently a consultant with PWC, focusing on automation and serves as a board member at Providence Medical Foundation. Wade has been instrumental in navigating the business structure, strategies, and good 'ol late night order fulfillment. 

Together they are raising two daughters, that continue to inspire them on this journey of sustainability for generations to come. 

Giving Back


Wade was born in Nigeria, and raised in Kenya. We believe in giving back to communities that are in need of proper dental care. A former high school teacher of Wade's, Kim Dewitt, provides a home for young girls to heal from trauma. Our family had the opportunity to visit in 2019 while the dental clinic was still under construction. We have pledged 1% of our annual sales to the Olmalaika Trust Dental Clinic.


For Olmalaika Trust
Dental Clinic. 

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