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Copper Tongue Scraper

Copper Tongue Scraper

  • 1 copper tongue scraper 
  • Antibacterial and antimicrobial
  • Helps remove bad-breath causing bacteria
  • Helps remove bacteria hindering the efficacy of taste buds
  • Arrives in simple, recyclable packaging
  • OK to put in recycling bin
  • Care & Info

    Tongue scrapers are an important step in our oral hygiene routine! Think of your tongue as a shag rug. These fibers (taste buds) can trap bacteria. This bacteria can cause foul odors, a distorted function of your taste buds, and an accumulation of bad bacteria in general. If you are only brushing your tongue, you are essentially just moving the bacteria around (like a shag rug). BUT if you are brushing your tongue first to disrupt the bacteria, and then scraping it all off, bacteria removal is much more effective. Remember to scrape your tongue holding the two handles, starting as far back as you can and bringing it forward. Continue to do this gently until what you see coming off your tongue is clear! Rinse with hot water to clean. 

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